John Henry Petroleum increases awareness and education

January 30, 2017
Alongside its ongoing and constant work within the oil, gas and energy fields across the U.S. -- but centered around Texas and the southwest where it is headquartered -- John Henry Petroleum strives to increase awareness of this pivotal industry and its many facets among persons everywhere. And this growing, vital business starts right on its own website with providing facts to others. John Henry Petroleum provides information on Oklahoma’s geology, such as its 7,500, or more, formations across the state. The website also notes details about salt domes and how they form above the surface. This educational component, which the company provides often with its services, bring more attention to oil and gas drilling within the U.S. and how the job is accomplished within the nation.

John Henry Petroleum, Oil and Gas Production Leaders

July 12, 2016
One thing that has always set John Henry Petroleum from other oil and gas industry players has been their strong entrepreneurial spirit. From the time the company was founded in the 1990s by two former oil and gas executives who wanted to move their industry forward, they have been a highly regarded oil and gas company, not just in the United States, but throughout the world. They have demonstrated a remarkable ability to stimulate continued innovation in both exploration and drilling by learning how to apply a number of emerging technologies, such as 3D seismic imaging and new deviated and horizontal drilling technologies and to learn how to use them better. Using their approach, they have made the production of oil and gas more efficient and profitable.

John Henry Petroleum's focus on discovering and implementing better techniques for oil and gas exploration means they currently have a large inventory of proven oil and gas reserves, which has given them the power to leverage their inventory in a way that makes them a very successful oil production company. Over the years, that have a proven ability to generate strong and steady growth, even as they both increase production and keep their costs under control.

The truth is, John Henry Petroleum’s innovative methods for exploring and extracting oil and natural gas allow them to increase their money-making ability through focused drilling in only the most oil-and-gas-rich areas in the prospect inventory in their project portfolio. This gives the company a truly bright future indeed.